Williamstown Badgers Tri Club

Welcome to the official Williamstown Badgers Tri Club site!

Who We Are

We are a triathlon club that welcomes athletes in the Southern New Jersey area that are interested in swimming, biking, or running. Plenty of our members are triathletes, but we also have many that focus on just one sport.  We encourage everyone from the young to the old, newbie to elite to participate in our club. Passion for sport is required but not speed!


Interested in joining us? We welcome new members!  You can sign up and pay for your membership online here.  Not sure yet and want to meet us first?  Check the Where You Can Find Us page or check us out on Facebook.

Where You Can Find Us

Want to know where to find the Badgers? Here you will find our Calendar of Events, which consists of official triathlons and races in the area, Badger training workouts, and various rides, runs, or swims in the local area that other organizations put on that some of our members participate in. Come out and join us!